Aximus (Pty) Ltd

"Giving customers a wider range of services."

Aximus (Pty) Ltd transport management is a private company established in 2002. The directors are Mr. Johan Nothnagel and Mr. Mark Bosch. The experience and expertise of both Mr. Nothnagel and Mr. Bosch in transport and distribution concluded the inspiration for the business.

The directors felt they need to capitalize on the gap in the market concerning product procurement and distribution and the subsequent transport management to service this segment of the market. Aximus has to date been highly successful in securing new business transport contracts.

The initial scope and area of expertise
was the procurement and distribution of bulk chemicals for our partners, Zamchem, for the Water treatment Works for the Nelson Mandela Municipality in the Eastern Cape. These included chemicals such as Ferric Flocculants and Polyaluminium Chloride for water purification.

With the every changing economic situation in our country, we felt it necessary to diversify our efforts to accommodate our customers with a wider range of services.

Our operation has expanded nationally and we cover all major routes and centers. From transporting chemicals initially we now cart any commercial product.
2900 tonnes per month.

client base boasts a range of small, medium and large enterprises.
Aximusí customer base boasts a range of small manufacturing concerns to major FMCG companies such as Woodlands Dairies for whom we distribute around 2900 tonnes per month throughout South Africa to all the major retail groups.

Furthermore, Aximus works closely with parent company, national distributor Transnational Distribution (Pty) Ltd, which specializes in warehousing and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Together Thusanong Medical Care in the Philippines has entrusted us with the discharging, warehousing and distribution of their imported products, which is an average 30 x 12m containers per month. The management of the products includes warehousing, picking, invoicing and distribution to all centers around South Africa. Both the Primary and Secondary distribution is done from a centrally based warehouse.

All aspects of the transport industry are dealt with on a daily basis. Integrated route planning coupled with fully computerized systems makes communication fast and efficiently. We put a premium on the continuity of our levels of service in order to ensure the competitiveness of clients within their own markets. Contact details: Tel. +27 41 453 5151 or aximus@iafrica.com


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