Distribution (Pty) Ltd

"Specialised distribution service."

Transnational Distribution was incorporated early 1995 when Mark Bosch the owner of the already successful East Cape Truckers identified the need for a specialized distribution service encompassing the warehousing and unlimited delivery of finished goods.

The idea of "leaving distribution to the specialists" is one which has prompted many companies to use 3rd party distribution experts to handle the logistics so crucial in customer service.

Transnational offered this comprehensive service through two divisions of its business,
pharmaceutical / medical and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). The FMCG division grew into one of the largest independent consumer good distribution operations in the country handling finished goods on behalf of Bromor Foods, Cadbury, Kimberly Clark, Ceres Fruit Juices, Jolly Jumbo, Macra, Steers, Paarman Foods, M&L, etc.

Transnational rapid growth gained was due to a high regard from it customers for handling large volumes of stock, managing a transport fleet with efficiency and delivering huge volumes of orders complete and on time. With a proven track record and cost effective service Transnational recognized the need to align its Eastern Cape consumer division
"Reliability and Flexibility for Responsive order fulfillment."

Multi-purpose warehouse (top)
Dispatch area (middle)
Picking area (bottom)
with a large nationally based FMCG Distribution Company and so in 2001 sold this division to TFD Network Africa.

This restructure allowed Mark Bosch to focus his attention on the pharmaceuticals / medical distribution division which today forms the primary business of Transnational. From handling the long haul bulk transport for example factory to depots countrywide, Transnational had expanded its service to warehousing of finished goods in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Durban.

With its own fleet of 45 vehicles based in these centers a delivery service to hospitals, clinics and other users was established. Currently Transnational handles the national distribution accounts for various pharmaceutical companies, providing primary distribution of bulk stock to Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban and a warehousing and secondary distribution service to the end user in Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape), Cape Town (Western Cape & Northern Cape) and Durban (Kwazulu Natal). Further to this, we handle the logistics for VENTURE S.A. This include, amongst other, 24hour delivery to Volkswagen SA and General Motors SA with a dedicated fleet of 8 vehicles. Contact Details: Tel. +27 41 -453 5151 or trdw@iafrica.com


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