Sporting Opportunities

"Developing sporting skills & creating opportunities."

Sporting Opportunities is a national organization focusing on developing sporting skills and creating opportunities for all young people in South Africa.

We specialize in the provision of Day and Residential Sporting Holidays and Clinics for children aged 6 - 14 years.

We have three aspects to our organization:

Widening Opportunities through Sport Project encourages mass participation in sport for 6 -14 year olds and is aimed primarily at previously disadvantaged groups, communities and individuals with a strong developmental approach. The project contributes towards transformation whilst removing access barriers such as cost, elitism, race and gender. It is envisaged that
the Widening Opportunities through Sport Project will become a benchmark in sports development and actively lead the way in the process of sustainable transformation in sport. The delivery of the Widening Opportunities through Sport Project involves a three-stage process.

Stage one of the project involves our coaches going into local and rural communities and coaching young people within these communities providing an introduction to sport and creating pathways.

Stage two involves inviting talented, potentially talented and dedicated individuals out of these communities to attend a non-residential sporting holiday at a school with facilities conducive to learning.

The final stage of this project
creating opportunities.
involves inviting a group of these young people to attend a Residential Sporting Holiday providing them with a unique opportunity of integrating and matching their skills with young people who have had every opportunity. This crossover allows these young people to meet each other and assists in leveling the playing fields.

Sporting Holidays & Clinics focus on creating opportunities for all young people in South Africa to develop their sporting skills. Partnering some of the finest schools in South Africa (such as Bishops College in Cape Town, Grey and Collegiate in Port Elizabeth, St Stithians in Johannesburg, Woodhill College in Pretoria, and Kearsney College in Durban) provides the high quality facilities for our Residential and Day Sporting Holidays and Clinics.

Sporting Events, Challenges and Adventures range from traditional sports days, triathlons, duathlons, mountain bike rides and the increasingly popular adventure days. The main focus of these events is family fun, encouraging healthy lifestyles as well as introducing participants to range of new sports and activities. Getting families outdoors and being active. Our contact details are: Tel. 0861 775 775 or info@sportingopportunities.com
Broad based black economic empowerment

Transnational Distribution (Pty) Ltd fully endorses and supports the government’s black economic empowerment program. We strongly believe that all South African businesses have an obligation to address the imbalance of the past and Transnational will therefore endeavor to do business with local enterprises that share the same vision and values.

With the above statement in mind we are glad to report that we have a level 5 (Five) 80% contributor rating at present on the recognized Generic Scorecard. We are striving to be level 4 contributors within the next twelve months. Iquad Verification Services (Pty) Ltd conducted our verification. We have attached a copy for your records.


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